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If the animal is listed they are still available. 
Will only hold kids with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.
All Kids receive colostrum at birth along with BoSe and Vit. B.
Once the kids are eating good they will be offered for sale.
Nubian             Alpine
Rainbow Colors And Moxie 1*M     Fieldlily AH Golden Lizzie 
GCH Rainbow Colors And Moxie 1*M
3/11/2014           AA1684381

LA: 2-06 FS88 VEVV
DHIA: 2609M 94BF 97P


Fieldlily AH Golden Lizzie  Fieldlily AH Golden Lizzie
4/26/2019         A2028253

:Sutton's SD Josiah *B
we purchased a new herd sire,
 our old one is looking for a new Home

Sutton's SD Josiah *B   $500
Nubian Doeling:
(no papers)

Dam: Boo's Zoo Nightshade 
Sire: Fox's Pride WHP Rolex 
DOB 3/8
Nubian / Alpine Doeling

Dam Fiddlefaddle SPB Wake the Sun
Sire: Sutton's SD Josiah *B
DOB 3/29

Nubian Buck Kid

Dam: Never Fail TZ Kymora
Sire: Fox's Pride WHP Rolex

DOB 2/27

$ 450

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