Current Sales List
Breeding List             Breeding List
If the animal is listed they are still available. 
Will only hold kids with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.
All Kids receive colostrum at birth along with BoSe and Vit. B.
Once the kids are eating good they will be offered for sale.
Nubian             Alpine
   Alpine Doelings: $450 each Mature Alpine Doe $500
Papers In Hand!  
Iron Rod SHM Annie's Song
LA: 4-2  VG 88 VV+E
DHI: 4-0 234d 1773m 53f 50p
Iron-Rod RS Stormie Cookie
LA: 2-2  +81 ++GV
DHI: 1-9 190d 1190m 35f

Rainbow Colors Macaron
5/22/2020         A2121655

LA: 2-3  GP84 +VV+
DHI: 1-9 209d 851m 27f 24p

DinoNate Fudge Stripe Cookies
DAM: Rainbow Colors Macaron
LA: 2-3  GP84 +VV+
DHI: 1-9 209d 851m 27f 24p
Sire of all kids Alpine Kids:

Muchin' Hill Black Panther
(CH pending Munchin' Hill Angelique x Maple Wind WD-40)
Mature Nubian Doe: $400

Scotchbriar Empiric Tiara
Scotchbriar Empiric TiaraScotchbriar Empiric Tiara
2/9/2019     AN2015597


Tiara is slack on one side
Mature Doe $550 Mature Nubian Doe $ 400
Rainbow Colors AAV Mississippi
5/26/2018          A1961609
LA: 4-3  VG88 VEEV
DHI: 4-0 264d 1812m 64f 59p
Boo's Zoo Violet

Boo's Zoo Violet
 2/27/2022    N2246965

Missy is a great doe, unfortunately she developed Mastitis and isn't giving very much milk in that quarter.  Thus is not unable to be shown this year.  She will make a great brood doe.  She was shown at Nationals last year.
I plan to keep one of her doe kid and maybe her buck kid too.
Mature Nubian Buck: $550
Fox's Pride WHP Rolex
Fox's Pride WHP Rolex  LA90
5/17/2017         N1911744
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